Creativity and Courage

Parents strive to give their children the best life possible. In order to do this, parents need to start teaching their children the different leadership qualities NOW!

A parent can teach their children to be a great leader even when the children don't believe that they are capable of leadership. The child might think they are too shy, timid, etc to be a leader BUT parents can show them what they are truly capable of.

A leader needs to be creative in all areas of life. People look to a leader to help resolve conflicts, solve problems, and for new ideas.

Helping your children be more creative is easy — just ask questions.

The trick is, when talking about a subject with your child, ask open–ended questions, not specific questions. By asking open–ended questions like, “Why?” and “What would happen if...” you stimulate your child's creative thinking.

Through doing this, it will help your child begin to develop the creative mind that all great leaders possess.

It is almost universally accepted that all great leaders have courage of some kind, whether being president during a difficult time or merely standing up to a schoolyard bully.

Encourage your children to take risks in their lives and help them gain valuable lessons from each success/failure. Remind them that there are always great lessons to be learned from everything we do.

Remember, without risk there is no reward. Many children may have a timid/shy nature, and you as a parent can help them overcome that. Give them small, difficult yet manageable tasks to help them build their confidence.

With increased confidence your child will be more willing to take risks and be bold.

These two concepts can be difficult for children to grasp, but it can be quite easy for parents to help. Work on these everyday with your children to help them become a better person and a better leader.

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