The Power Of Self–Discipline

The Powerful P's of Failure

Self–Discipline helps us greatly in goal–setting and goal–getting. It puts us in control. But once we allow self–discipline to slip, there are 3 Powerful P's of Failure ready to take the reins.

Procrastination: Put off for tomorrow what could be done today!

We are all guilty of falling into the trap of procrastination. When explaining procrastination to very young children, I say it is a monster called “Mr. Delay” who tells you to wait another day...and another day...and another day before getting to work. Helping children to prioritize and set a plan so that goal–getting takes place at a certain time each day or each week can help to squash procrastination.

Pushback: Resist change—Also known as, “I don't wanna!”

When we charge towards our goals, things change. It's human nature to want to stay at our comfort level. We want to achieve our goal, but we want everything to stay the same. When working with children, you can help them to understand that it's OK to feel uncomfortable when we are going after something we really want–in the end, it will be worth it—and you can remind them as to why they wanted to achieve the goal in the first place.

Projection: Blame it on the Dog!

Projection means placing the onus and the blame on someone else when a goal is not achieved. You may have heard, “Dad forgot to put my homework in my bag,” or “The teacher only explained it once; that is why I didn't get an A.” When we blame someone else when we do not achieve a goal, we are being like the projector. The person or thing we blame is the “screen.” The people who achieve their goals are people who take responsibility to get things done on their own and also take responsibility when they forget to do so. When we project blame onto someone else, we give them the power to decide the outcome of our goals and dreams.

Self–Discipline is a powerful force in goal–setting and goal–getting.

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